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"Imagine free radicals in your body as 2 year olds, left unsupervised in a beautifully decorated room. They run madly through the room ripping down curtains and breaking nick nacks and causing damage like a tornado unleashed. Free radicals evidently seek out cells to damage and accelerate aging and deterioration. NAC (and other antioxidants) would be the gentle Momma, who lovingly embraces the naughty 2 year old and wraps him in her arms to prevent the destruction.   I believe NAC attaches itself to the free radicals and eliminates their ability to destroy cells. This works in ANY body. In an ataxian, the theory is that antioxidants like NAC will reduce the rate that cells degenerate."  -Wendy

Idebenone -- website with research abstracts
Idebenone Drug Trial -- at NIH
Vitamins and Drugs (INTERNAF) -- good site with a variety of information for people with ataxia 

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