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Idebenone Suppliers:

Smart Nutrition, phone 1-800-479-2107

NAC-SUSTAIN capsules and CoQ-10 suppliers:

iHerb: reliable company, good prices
Web Vitamins: 800-919-9122; Email:
Vibrant Health Online
GNC -- chain stores nationwide
EPIC4HEALTH -- CoQ10 plus Vitamin E product

COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES - must have prescription from doctor

*The pharmacist/chemists, Michael Hicks and Sheri Gordon, at 1st America Drugs, 212 Northside Drive, Valdosta, GA 31602, compounds timed (sustained)-release CoQ10 capsules, NAC capsules, and liquid NAC. He does make and ship NAC and CoQ10 to addresses in the USA.  The pharmacy's toll-free number is 800-482-8466, or 912-242-3060. If your insurance will pay for compounded NAC - liquid or capsules - the pharmacy will file your insurance for you. Email:

*Steve at California Pharmacy in Newport Beach, CA, is compounding NAC liquid only. The phone number there is 714-642-7707.

*Columbine Drug, 2295 W. Eisenhower in Loveland, Colorado 970-663-4600

*5th Avenue Pharmacy, 411 10th St. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403, Phone: 319-364-2406, FAX: 319-362-5592; Email:

*WestLab Pharmacy, Gainesville, FL, 800-493-7852, supplies a flavored solution of NAC liquid only.

POWDERED FORM - your pharmacist can order to put into capsules

*Spectrum Chemical, Gardena, CA (Catalog # AC-126), 800-772-8786

-- Compiled by Sally Smith, updated by Sue Kittel

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