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As you all know, ataxia is rare. Sure, that makes us even more special, but it really has a huge impact on how the research is funded. You don't see many television specials or government debates about the best way to fund ataxia research. A major source of funding for ataxia research comes from the grass-roots effort made by us. And that means you. It's amazing the difference that can be made by a large number of small events; when you multiply a few thousand dollars enough times you start talking about money that can really make a difference!

This is where you come in. FARA, NAF, and MDA make it simple to donate to their organizations, and we strongly encourage everyone to do that, and to spread the word and get others to donate. If you donate to NAF or MDA be sure to indicate exactly where you'd like your donation to go.

But how about doing more? Organizing a fundraiser can be surprisingly empowering and inspirational. No one likes asking their friends and family for money - but putting an event together is so much more than that. It's a gathering; it's raising awareness; it's giving and receiving support; it's actually a fun time! FARA, NAF, and MDA are more than happy to help you organize your own fundraiser or to be part of an existing event.

For FA, FARA has more recently kicked it up a notch in helping all of us run fundraising events with their coordination. And the Outback Steakhouse family of restaurants has jumped in with amazing support as well. It is very easy to organize any sort of fundraiser you might be interested in, from a golf event, to a walk, a dinner, or a bike ride. Many of you know of the success that Kyle Bryant has had with the Ride Ataxia events he began in 2007. He now works for FARA, where they have developed the concept of "Team FARA" events throughout the year to raise money and awareness.

The links above and below will get you started. We can't emphasize enough how helpful FARA is with any FA event you'd like to organize, no matter how large or small. Just send them an email, or even pick up the phone and give them a call! Yes, you'll actually talk to a real person, maybe Marilyn or Felicia, and they'll help you with anything you could possibly need!

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