Chelsea  Rileys Make A Wish trip


Splendor of Heaven

Wonder of wonders on earth we may see
But greater by far, Heaven will be
Out of the dust of this earthy ground
An abundance of minerals have been found

 Iron so strong, silver so bright
Coal for our fires, oil for our light
Gold for jewels, and diamonds that shine
Zinc, tin, copper, and others are mined

 The beauty of nature is on every hand
Fish in the oceans and animals on land

 Velvet green grasses, caverns in the hill
The sunset, the rainbow, flowers, and trees too
Their brilliance of colors in awe we view

But the wonder of heaven, when we see them
The grandeur of earth will surely grow dim!
There ... a Beautiful city is build foursquare
And its walls are decked with jewels so rare!

 Through gates of pearl one must pass
To behold its beauty like transparent glass
The light of that City is exceedingly fair
To which none other can ever compare!

 Brightly adorned as a bride for her groom
She will have no need for the sun or moon
Not even the stars are needed to shine
For God's Immortal Light is so sublime !

 The streets of the City, the prophets told
Are all made of the purest gold
And the Tree of Life grows very near
To the River of Life so sparkling clear !

 In Heaven we'll see a marvelous sight
Myriads of Angels in gleaming white!
Singing and playing on harps of gold
With all the Glorified Saints from ages of old!  

 But best of all the wonders... one can see
Will be the Face of Him...who died for me!
Christ alone can take you there
Live for Him and all these glories share !!

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