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Exercise and Physical Therapy

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The benefits of using a Standing Frame (example: EasyStand)
  • Prevention of atrophy in the trunk and leg muscles
  • Improve circulation to trunk & lower extremities
  • Prevent formation of pressure sores thru changing position
  • Help maintain Bone Integrity
  • Improve digestion, bowel function & regularity
  • Reduce swelling in lower extremities
  • Prevent loss of or improve ROM
  • Aid respiratory, kidney and bladder function
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system & build endurance
  • Develop/improve head, neck, trunk, upper & lower extremities muscle control
  • Prevent or decrease joint/muscle contractures
  • Inhibit abnormal muscle tone and reflexes
  • Lessen or prevent development of scoliosis
  • Aid normal skeletal development
  • Develop standing tolerance & endurance to improve/maintain other functional activity
  • Aid in balance restoration through upright posture
  • Facilitates a symmetrical posture

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